Hello from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina...

I'm a NorthEast big city corporate gal turned Southern Mountain Woman creating a beautiful life with my red-headed, big-bearded husband on our peaceful homestead in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, just less than an hour away from downtown Asheville.

While I have always had an artist's heart and grew up enjoying various forms of artistic expression, photography gripped my interest back in 2011, after retiring from my career in Business Development and Client Relationship Management in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry. I love people: their stories, their golden hearts and shadow sides, their families, loves, interests and all the subtleties that make us human. I also find great joy and comfort in the mystery of nature, as well as getting lost in the creative process of painting (and writing, cooking, gardening, etc.!). An even deeper calling ignited in my heart to capture unique essences of beauty found in people and the world in which we live. For me, art is a way of life. It is a celebration of living!

In this age of social media's incessant noise and demanding online presence, it's my passion to create meaningful fine art that will be enjoyed offline in the home or office -- tactile, heirloom pieces you can physically touch, emotionally connect with throughout the seasons of your life and pass down to the next generation. Photographs that capture the beauty in your everyday life or inspire you in the spaces in which you live, work and play. Paintings that bring joy, peace, interest or stimulation to your environment. Portraits that tell your story, advance your mission or enamor your audience. I'm here to translate your vision and help you accomplish your goals for each unique project and piece.

I'd welcome the opportunity to partner with you to curate distinctive art that makes your heart soar when you view it... Book a consultation today -- together, we will create fine art and tokens of legacy which will be treasured for generations to come!